Image by Sven Brandsma

Laminate benchtops are easy to clean, have a durable surface and an excellent resistance to surface wear and stains.

Laminate is less expensive to install in your kitchen and can usually be installed quicker than a comparable stone benchtop.

Laminate offers unlimited colours and textures that match a stone look for a fantastic price.



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Engineered Stone Benchtops

These are an on-trend option.

They are usually non-porous, waterproof, and scratch-resistant.

Stone benchtops are low-maintenance and mean that they will look fabulous for years to come. 

Keep in mind the price of stone can vary greatly depending on the category colour you choose. 

A Standard Range offers budget-friendly colours up to Ultra Natural Range that offers exceptional finishes with a heftier price tag.

Natural Stone Benchtops

Granite is low maintenance and a popular choice for benchtops. It is one of the most durable natural stones you can find.

The low porosity of the stone makes it an extremely excellent solution for indoor and outdoor bench tops and very well suited for kitchen benchtops.

Marble is the most iconic benchtop with its veins and patterns. It is softer than Granite, requires regular maintenance, and requires regular sealing to avoid staining.

Food and drinks with acidic properties like lemon juice, orange juice, berries and oil must be cleaned up promptly if spilled on the surface.

As natural stone slabs are all unique, you will need to select your favourite slab as the patterns and colour can vary greatly and the price.